Performance Pack: Beef Liver & Oyster+ Capsules
Australian organic grass fed beef liver and oyster extract capsules
oyster capsules
Australian organic beef liver capsules
Australian organic grass fed and grass finished beef liver capsules
Australian organic beef liver capsules
Beef Liver capsules on black kitchen bench
oyster meat capsules Australia
beef liver capsules
benefits of oyster: immune strength, energy and endurance, muscle growth and repair, hair growth and clear skin, bone strength, heart health, brain function and mood, fertility and testosterone booster

Performance Pack: Beef Liver & Oyster+ Capsules


Packed with essential nutrients, but only two ingredients.

"The combination of Beef Liver and Oyster Capsules is next level. It's the best way to get what I need to function at my best." Jenna

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Everything you'll need to ditch your lab-made supplements. Our Ultimate Performance Bundle combines Beef Liver and Oyster+ Capsules to supercharge your health and performance. Made from the best Australian ingredients, the nutrients found in this duo are designed to help you achieve peak performance, naturally.


Beef Liver Capsules

Source: 100% organic grass-fed and finished Australian beef liver.

Benefits: Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, our Beef Liver Capsules support immune function, enhance energy levels, and promote muscle growth and repair.

Key Nutrients: Vitamin A, B vitamins, iron, zinc, and complete protein.

Health Impact: Supports brain health, cognitive function, cardiovascular health, and hormone regulation.

Oyster Capsules

Source: Certified organic Tasmanian oysters.

Benefits: Rich in minerals and omega-3 fatty acids, our Oyster+ Capsules boost sexual health, enhance energy levels, and support muscle function.

Key Nutrients: Zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, and DHA.

Health Impact: Contributes to a stronger immune system, better reproductive health, and overall performance.


Combining Beef Liver and Oyster Capsules provides an optimal ratio of copper and zinc, ensuring one doesn't outweigh the other. Here’s why this balance is vital:

Zinc from Oysters: Critical for immune function, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division. Oysters offer exceptionally high zinc levels, essential for maintaining these functions.

Copper from Beef Liver: Important for iron absorption, red blood cell formation, and maintaining nerve cells and the immune system. Beef liver provides a high copper content, crucial for haemoglobin and collagen formation, supporting bones and connective tissues.

Complementary Ratios: Oysters have a higher zinc-to-copper ratio, while beef liver has a higher copper-to-zinc ratio. When taken together, they provide a more balanced intake, ensuring the body receives the right proportions of these essential minerals.

Ensuring a balanced intake helps optimise their beneficial effects and prevents potential deficiencies or toxicities that could arise from an imbalanced ratio. 

Enhanced Absorption: Consuming both together supports better absorption and utilisation of these minerals, as zinc and copper can compete for absorption when taken in high amounts separately.

Beef Liver Capsules: 83% Australian beef liver (500mg), 17% bovine gelatin capsule (120mg) Oyster+ Capsules: 83% Tasmania oyster extract (300mg), 17% bovine gelatin capsule (120mg)
Refer to individual product labels/product pages for the recommended daily dose.
Allergy warning: Contains molluscs. Avoid if allergic to molluscs. Consult your physician prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you are under 18yrs.

Why should I take Beef Liver and Oyster Capsules together?

Combining Beef Liver and Oyster Capsules gives you the ultimate mix of essential nutrients from whole food sources. With this duo, you're getting an optimal balance of zinc and copper, plus a whole lot more. It's like having the best of land and sea working together to boost your health, energy, and performance.

How do Beef Liver and Oyster Capsules complement each other?

Beef Liver Capsules are packed with vitamin A, B vitamins, iron, and copper, while Oyster Capsules are loaded with zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and other minerals like selenium and magnesium. Together, they provide a balanced intake, ensuring your body absorbs and uses these nutrients efficiently.

How should I take Beef Liver and Oyster Capsules for best results?

We recommend between 2-6 Beef Liver Capsules and 2-4 Oyster+ Capsules daily. As these are food sources (just encapsulated), you can take them at any time of the day, even on an empty stomach.

Are there any side effects of taking these capsules together?

Both Beef Liver and Oyster Capsules are generally well-tolerated. However, some people might experience mild digestive discomfort. If you have any concerns or notice any adverse effects, stop use and consult your healthcare provider.

How long will it take to see results from taking these supplements?

Results can vary, but many people start noticing benefits like increased energy and improved well-being within a few weeks of consistent use.

Can I take these supplements with other vitamins or medications?

While Beef Liver and Oyster Capsules are food sources, it's wise to check with your healthcare provider before mixing them with other vitamins or medications to avoid any potential interactions.


Packed with Nutrients

Supercharge your health with our Beef Liver and Oyster Capsules, nature's ultimate multivitamin duo. Loaded with vitamin A, B12, B6, riboflavin, iron, copper, zinc, and more, they're your ticket to peak performance.

Peak Performance

Turbocharge your day with the perfect blend of nutrients. B vitamins, particularly B12, rev up energy production and metabolism, turning food into pure, usable energy. It's like flipping the switch on your body's power plant.

Brain Fuel

Give your brain the best with B12-rich beef liver and oysters. These vitamins support nerve cells and cognitive functions, enhancing memory, focus, and overall brain performance. It’s like a gym session for your neurons.

Missile System Engaged

Dive into the dynamic pairing of zinc and Vitamin A, plus the immune-boosting power of Vitamin C and Selenium from oysters. Together, they fortify your natural defences against environmental challenges, keeping your immune system strong and ready.

Gut Performance

Rich in Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Manganese, this bundle supports strong bones and efficient muscle function. Enhanced with Calcium and Iron, it promotes musculoskeletal integrity and endurance.

Muscle + Bone Integrity

Containing the complete range of B vitamins, which contribute to the breakdown and utilisation of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, supporting digestive health.

Heart Health

Packed with Vitamin B12, Iron, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, these capsules support cardiovascular performance and overall heart health.

Optimum Copper:Zinc Ratio

Combining these two superfoods provides an optimal ratio of copper and zinc. Ensuring a balanced intake helps optimise their beneficial effects and prevents potential deficiencies or toxicities that could arise from an imbalanced ratio.


Australian certified organic grass fed beef liver + Tasmanian oyster meat.

Freeze dried straight from the source to seal in all the good stuff, then milled and encapsulated for your convenience.

Enough nutrients to fuel the everyday human.

A bioavailable source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your body actually knows how to use.