Beef Liver Capsules - Australian Certified Organic Grass Fed Bovine
Australian organic beef liver capsules
Australian organic grass fed and grass finished beef liver capsules
Australian organic beef liver capsules
Australian organic beef liver capsules
Australian grass fed and finished beef liver capsules
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Beef Liver capsules on black kitchen bench
Man tipping out Beef Liver capsules into hand in a black kitchen with Beef Organ Complex, Oyster+ and Collagen in the background
beef liver capsules
Beef Liver Capsules - Australian Certified Organic Grass Fed Bovine
Beef Liver Capsules - Australian Certified Organic Grass Fed Bovine
beef liver capsules nutritional information

Beef Liver Capsules - Australian Certified Organic Grass Fed Bovine

180 CAPSULES (500MG)

Loads of vitamins and minerals, but only one ingredient.

“I feel like I'm firing on all cylinders, and my workouts have never been better. I love that I'm getting all the nutrients I need from a natural source, without any additives or synthetic ingredients.” Alan

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Our Beef Liver capsules contain 100% organic grass fed and finished Australian beef liver + nothing else. 

That means, unlike most, you can expect:

— zero synthetics.

— a world-class nutritional profile.

— more benefits than you can poke a bone at.


Premium Australian Bovine Liver: Direct from the farms of Australia, our beef liver is from certified organic, pasture raised, and grass fed cattle. Freeze-dried and encapsulated for your convenience.

Packed with Vitamins + Minerals: Beef liver is a nutritional powerhouse, loaded with B12, Vitamin A, heme iron, and folate to fuel your daily energy needs and support peak performance. It’s nature’s way of fuelling humans.

Vitamin B12 and Iron: Essential for energy metabolism and maintaining endurance during physical activities.

Vitamin A: Supports cellular health and energy production.

Zinc: Plays a crucial role in muscle repair and energy metabolism.

Copper: Aids in energy production and maintains healthy metabolic processes.

Full Spectrum of B Vitamins: Each Beef Liver Capsule is packed with 500mg of beef liver, offering a more concentrated source of the full B vitamin spectrum compared to our Beef Organ Complex Capsules, which contain only 125mg of beef liver per capsule. This higher concentration ensures enhanced metabolic support.

Fuel for Your Fitness: Designed for those who demand peak performance, these capsules contain all nine essential amino acids and minerals that play a role in energy metabolism and muscle function.

Supporting Your Active Lifestyle: These capsules are rich in Vitamin B12 and Iron, both essential for energy metabolism and sustaining endurance during physical activities. Vitamin A supports cellular health and energy production, while Zinc and Copper contribute to muscle repair and maintain healthy metabolic processes.

A Foundation for Fitness: Ideal for individuals who aim to support their active lifestyle with high-quality nutrients that contribute to the maintenance of muscle function and energy production.

Our Beef Liver Capsules are perfect for the modern human looking to ditch lab-made synthetics in favour of food sources of nutrition. These capsules deliver pure, raw nutrition straight from nature. No gimmicks, no artificial additives – just health-fuelling power.

Nature, at its best, in a capsule. 83% Australian beef liver (500mg), 17% bovine gelatin capsule (120mg)
Take 2-6 capsules whole daily. Rebellious type? Open the capsule and sprinkle on food or drink. Down the hatch.
Consult your physician prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you are under 18yrs.

Can this replace my multivitamin supplement?

As an all-natural alternative, it’s the perfect swap for your synthetic, lab-born supplements.

Where are the livers sourced from?

We care about our local farmers, and what they grow. That’s why all ingredients come from local, organic certified farms right here in Australia. Due to supply constraints, we source our offal from a number of certified organic farms throughout Australia, ranging from Central Queensland, the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

Have your beef liver capsules been tested for heavy metals?

At Pheed, we leave no stone unturned. Our beef liver capsules are put through the wringer with independent batch testing. We even test for unwanted heavy metals, including glyphosate. It's our way of guaranteeing you're getting nothing but the pure, powerful goodness of beef liver, without any of the bad stuff.

How's the magic happen with beef liver capsules?

Picture this: Prime beef livers, handpicked for their quality. We freeze-dry them to lock in all their potent goodness, then grind them down to a fine powder. Encapsulated into convenient little powerhouses, these capsules pack a nutrient-rich punch, preserving the raw strength and vitality of the liver. It's nature's goodness, concentrated and capsuled.

Beef liver capsules vs. fresh liver: What's the score?

Think of our beef liver capsules as your shortcut to wellness. They bring you all the nutrient-rich benefits of fresh liver, minus the hassle and distinct taste. Perfect for those on-the-go or for anyone not keen on liver's unique flavor. It's like packing all the power of fresh liver into a tiny, taste-neutral capsule – convenient, quick, and just as potent.

How Often Should I Take Beef Liver Capsules?

Gear up for daily action! Our beef liver capsules are designed to fuel your wellness journey. Aim for 2-6 capsules each day, depending on your health objectives. It's like having a daily dose of nature's finest, keeping your vitality sharp and on point. Stay consistent for the best results.


Packed with Nutrients

Supercharge your health with our Beef Liver Capsules, nature's own multivitamin. Loaded with vitamin A, B12, B6, riboflavin, iron, copper, and zinc, they're your ticket to peak performance.

Peak Performance

Turbocharge your day with our beef liver capsules. Packed with B vitamins, particularly B12, they’re your secret weapon for revving up energy production and metabolism. It's like flipping the switch on your body's power plant, turning food into pure, usable energy.

Brain Fuel

Give your brain the gift of B12-rich beef liver. This vitamin is a brainiac’s best friend, supporting nerve cells and cognitive functions. It’s like a gym session for your neurons, enhancing memory, focus, and overall brain gymnastics.

Missile System Engaged

Dive into the dynamic pairing of zinc and Vitamin A in our Beef Liver capsules. Zinc plays a pivotal role in robust immune defence, while Vitamin A is essential for maintaining the protective barriers of your body. Together, they support your well-being, fortifying your natural defences against pesky environmental challenges.

Vision and Skin, Naturally Enhanced

Vitamin A, straight from beef liver, working wonders for your skin and eyes. It's all about cell growth and regeneration, turning the clock back for your skin and sharpening your vision.

Ironclad Blood

Thanks to their high iron content, these capsules give hemoglobin in your red blood cells a first-class ticket to circulate oxygen throughout your body.

Cell Division Efficiency

A natural source of folate essential for the myriad of cellular activities involved in fertility and pregnancy. Beef liver caters particularly to the nuanced dietary needs of women, aiding in the natural process of cell division.

Gut Performance

Containing the complete range of B vitamins, which contribute to the breakdown and utilisation of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. This includes B12 and Riboflavin, which play a role in converting food into usable energy and supporting digestive health.


Australian certified organic grass fed beef liver.

Freeze dried straight from the source to seal in all the good stuff, then milled and encapsulated for your convenience.

Enough protein and iron to fuel the everyday human.

A bioavailable source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your body actually knows how to use.